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Bullying at Work

Statistics released on the Anti-Bullying Helpline website show that 1 in 4 employees say they are currently experiencing bullying at work, while 1 in 8 employees say they have been affected by witnessing workplace bullying.

All businesses are under a lot of pressure in difficult economic climate so the tendency of business owners is to put undue pressure on staff, which explains why Employment Tribunal claims in stress and bullying are increasing.

As a species, we all need some stress to help us function. It has been a driver to our evolution and to top achievers maximising their gifts. And it's a sure bet that Sebastian Vettel doesnąt get into his Red Bull on race day feeling laid back! But how can you harness this hugely potent asset in the workplace - creating 'positive stress' - without generating all the downsides we normally associate with bullying behaviour, negative stress, such as ill health, tension and an inability to prioritise? The answer is good, constructive management, creating the right framework for people to produce their best - and feel rewarded and appreciated for that effort.

What is bullying? Bullying is the exercise of power over another person through negative acts or behaviours that undermine him/her personally and/or professionally. Bullying can be threatening, insulting, abusive, disparaging or intimidating behaviour that places inappropriate pressure on the recipient or has the effect of isolating or excluding them. Bullying can take the form of shouting, sarcasm, derogatory remarks concerning job performance or constant criticism. Bullying is to be distinguished from vigorous academic debate or the actions of a manager making reasonable (but perhaps unpopular) requests of his/her staff. Bullying and Harassment damage morale, increase sickness absence due to stress, impact negatively the productivity of a business, , but also increase the exposure of employers to legal claims of bullying and harassment.

At HR2all we help you to create a productive working environment by putting policies and training in place to help prevent and/or limit large compensation claims arising. We can prepare anti-bullying and harassment policies for you or review and update your existing policies. We can also help train your staff.


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