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Businesses that have embraced Flexible working practices are more dynamic, agile and connected and so have increased their productivity. There are several issues to consider when looking at implementing a flexible working culture:
  • Flexible working is for all staff, not just people with children.
  • Be different - assume that all jobs can be done flexibly, unless somebody provides a business case to prove otherwise.
  • Research conducted by the Charter Management Institute show that approximately one fifth of managers have to use holiday time for basic appointments, such as visiting the dentist and doctor - employers should allow staff the freedom to work around these kinds of appointments.
  • Analyse what aspects of the job can be done away from the restrictions of the workplace and what technology is needed to facilitate it.
  • Don't forget about organisational culture. Adjusting hours may not be the norm but if the proposal benefits the business and staff alike, most bosses will not be closed to change.
  • Maintain regular discussions between the manager and employee to keep them informed of activities. If you're open and honest about work away from the office, staff is more likely to respect organisational needs.
It's important not only to be aware of developments in employment law, but also to put into practice the correct procedures for dealing with staff. Getting the right person on board and being aware of employee rights is vital. The HR2all service helps through the employee lifecycle, from job descriptions to exit interviews.


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