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Richard Gizbert is not a household name in Britain but he is a famous face in British newsrooms, becoming the first journalist to use health and safety law to dispute his dismissal after he refused assignments to a war zone.

The London-based journalist had worked for the US network ABC for 11 years and previously covered conflicts including Bosnia and Rwanda. But having become a British citizen, and with two teenage children, he refused to go to Iraq, citing ABC News' voluntary policy on correspondents covering wars. ABC later declined to renew his contract. He has won a year-long battle for unfair dismissal.

It is tempting to dismiss this story as being specific to war zone journalism and irrelevant to your business but can you answer the following questions:
  • What are my health and safety obligations to my employees?
  • What automatically constitutes unfair dismissal?
If you're uncertain about the answers then you are risking heavy financial penalties and even imprisonment.

HR2all provides you with:
  • Comprehensive health and safety information
  • Step by step statutory dismissal procedures
  • Legally required documentation
  • Access to a helpline to discuss individual cases


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