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A lesbian estate agent claims she was sacked from a gay-friendly company because she became pregnant.

Corinna Slow was fired after her boss found out she was 16 weeks into the pregnancy. The 27-year-old accused Kevin Newman of 'failing to consider the possibility' she might have a baby. But Mr Newman said he dismissed her because of her poor performance.

Ms Slow claimed unfair dismissal and sexual discrimination against Mr Newman of company 2Let.

In the case above, the employer states that the employee under-performed in her role and that this was the cause of the dismissal. The employee obviously think differently.

What would you do in a similar position? Hesitate to act for fear of a tribunal? Live with poor performance despite its adverse affect on your business and the rest of the team? Take a gamble on correctly handling the situation and risk thousands of pounds in tribunal costs? Or use caontact HR2all to:
  • discuss the individual case and suitable action
  • conduct a performance appraisal and document the outcome
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