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Complete these questions by answering yes or no to check your compliance to current Employment Legislation.

If you answer NO to any of these questions, this is an area which needs attention.

Only you know if any of these questions give you cause for concern.

If you have answered YES to them all here’s our advice: Go out and celebrate!

But don’t get complacent, legislation is changing and you need to keep up to date. HR2all helps you do that.

Hr2all offers a range of services, including legal help line and legal expense policy will ensure you minimise risk to your business.


1) Have you issued your staff with written contracts of employment?

2) Do your contracts include the requirements of the Employment Regulations Act 1996 (as amended)?

3) Does your organisation have an up to date Health and Safety policy?

4) Do your Employment Contracts cover:

  • Absence and Sickness procedure?
  • Use of equipment, computers, telephones etc?
  • Disciplinary procedures?
  • Appeals procedure?
  • Alcohol, illegal drugs and smoking procedures?
  • Working Time Regulations Procedures?
  • Gross misconduct definitions?
  • Holiday request procedures?

5) Which of these policies do you have:

  • Disciplinary policy?
  • Grievance policy?
  • Equal opportunities policy?
  • IT and communications policy?
  • Maternity and parental leave policies?
  • Policy for time off for domestic emergencies?
  • Company car policy?
  • Sickness and absenteeism policy?

6) Are you confident in:

  • Handling employee disputes?
  • Producing your own workplace procedures?
  • Creating your own staff contracts?


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