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Essentially there are four ways to buy our services (all prices exclude VAT):
 Annual Support Contract
The majority of our clients opt for an annual support contract. This ensures that the core documentation is in place and up to date, and they are confident that they have specialist immediately on-hand to help to resolve any specific HR issues.

We tend to assign a specific HR specialist to provide long-term support a specific SME. And we then use other members of our team to supplement this support, for example to provide holiday cover, or to leverage specifc areas of expertise.

Typically when a new client joins us and our first activity is to generate the core documentation. Having the baseline in place is a huge benefit when a specific issue arises subsequently. Alternatively, new clients often call us for the first time for help with a specific issue and creating the baseline documentation becomes a key element of subsequent action plan.

Annual Support includes:
  • Tailored employment contracts for all employees and directors.
  • Tailored employment handbook.
  • Warnings and guidance on new employment legislation.
  • Unlimited HR support on the phone or by email during office hours.
  • Occasional on site help if assistance by phone or email proved unsatisfactory
Annual support contracts are priced as follows:
Number of Employees

Cost per Employee per Month

1st to 10th


11th to 25th


26th to 50th


51st +


The agreement is for a minimum period of twelve months. Single payment or monthly instalments. Initial set up fee of 65. Minimum of 50 / month.

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 Ad-hoc support - "Pay as you go"
As an alternative to an annual support contract we also provide adhoc support. Typically this is used by very small clients (3 or less employees), or by SMEs who do not have pre-existing annual support contracts but need immediate help or advice with an unexpected issue (see some examples).

Our experience shows that the majority of these initial queries are addressed with a 15-30 minute dialogue, perhaps with a follow up email for example with the further details of the relevant process or proforma templates. The cost for this service is 65.

The process works as follows :

Please place query and pay via this secure link. We will call you back, typically 15-30 minute dialogue (usually same day if not immediately). Potential follow up email with further documentation if appropriate.

                 (all prices inc. VAT)
Note: if a client subsequently signs up for annual support contract (within 1 month of the initial call to the hotline) the cost of this initial call (65) will be deducted from the cost of the annual support contract.

We can also provide additional support and key documentation such as Employee Handbook content or Contracts of Employment on a pay-as-you-go-basis. The prices for these key additional items is:
Employees Handbook per section (eg discipline)

100 (120 inc VAT)

Complete Handbook (up to 8 sections)

500 (600 inc VAT)

Contract of Employment

60 (72 inc VAT)

Contract of Employment (Directors)

120 (144 inc VAT)

Other adhoc support

POA - depending on support

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 Professional Services - HR support for specific projects
Obviously each project needs to be scoped and costed individually. We commit to be open and transparent with respect to our pricing. And, in principle, we are also very comfortable with preformance related renumeration and sharing risk and reward. We are therefore very open to discussing alternative frameworks including, fixed price, performance related or outcome based pricing. Please contact us directly and we would be happy to disucss further.

Examples of typical projects could include:
  • HR process re-design
  • HR Strategy development and implementation
  • Recruitment process management
  • Outplacement
  • Talent management
  • Performance Leadership
  • Relocating premsises
  • And so on . . .
Please contact us directly and we would be very happy to disucss further.

Note that we also provide a broader range of business consulting services to SMEs via our parent company MA Consulting International.

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 Long term part-time operational HR support
Practically no SME is big enough to justify a fulltime dedicated HR specialist. As the number of employees increases the administrative burden and complexity increases, and many companies ask us to support them with a HR specialist a couple of days a week/month on an ongoing basis. This frees up time to focus on key value added or more strategic activities.

Each of these projects needs to be scoped and costed individually. Please contacts us directly and we would be very happy to discuss further.

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